New England Photo Walk - Portsmouth

If you're in certain circles of the Leica community, you may have heard of London Walk, a.k.a. LNDNWLK (which one of our Exposure photographers, Johnny Patience put together). Spun off of the huge success behind it, comes the first New England Photo Walk - and is coming May 15, 2015 to Portsmouth, NH! Walk, talk, shoot then pop into a pub for a few beers! As luck would have it, this event is also being put together by a past Exposure photographer, valued friend and contributor to La Vida Leica, Ray Larose! Both Richard Photo Lab and Hunt’s Photo & Video will be supporting this event! We're spreading the word - so if you're able, go and check it out!

Jay Maisel - Be a Better Photographer

Legendary photographer Jay Maisel offers advice on how to take better photographs, including tips on how to be a more successful street photographer. Maisel recently published Light, Gesture & Color (New Riders press), a book "for people that are tired of bullshit books that tell them exactly what to do, and so they get rote results." Read more below for details and videos!

Photographer Jay Maisel on Light, Gesture & Color

Economist Releases Safe Cities Index 2015

Not directly photography related, admittedly - but if you're a travel or street photographer, or just deciding on your next vacation, this latest report could have a great impact on your shooting. The Economist has compiled the latest statistics and released the Safe Cities Index 2015. Tokyo leads the cities worldwide, all the way down to Frankfurt, Germany at number 20. New York City is smack-dab in the middle at number 10. Read more below for the complete list!

Street Photographer Andre D. Wagner and his Leica

Brooklyn-based photographer, Andre D. Wagner, received a BFA in Social Work and Digital Media in 2010. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he now focuses on his passion which is street and documentary style photography. Definitely check out the great video and his website - read more below!

Andre D. Wagner, Photographer


10+ Free Street Photography eBooks

Over on the Huffington Post (Arts & Culture) is an article worth checking out, called "10 Free Must-Read Street Photography eBooks." They're by various authors and cover a variety of subjects, but mostly street photography - and all free. What's not to like? Some of the authors are La Vida Leica fans, even - Alex Coghe and Chris Weeks to name a couple. Definitely worth checking out. Read more below for list and links!


Street Photography and Faith Exhibit

The Huffington Post has an article under the Arts & Culture section, talking about an exhibition coming to the Leica Store gallery in Washington D.C. called "Sometimes, Street Photography is About Having Faith" that's worth checking out. Be on the look out for the exhibit entitled "Faith" that opens August 9, 2014 and runs through October at the Leica Store gallery in Washington, D.C. The exhibit features the work of the Strata Collective, a group of photographers who are best known for their sharp-edged street photography. The members of the collective include Mike Hicks, Bill Bramble, Matt Dunn, Steve Goldenberg, Hector Isaac, Chris Suspect, Aziz Yazdani, and Joshua Yospyn.