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Leica Offers 12% Savings in USA

Leica Camera is pleased to announce for a limited time only, a 12% savings on all Leica products except for the new M Monochrom (Type 246), Leica M-P Safari set, Leica M-P Correspondent by Lenny Kravitz, 35mm f/2 ASPH black chrome and the 50mm f/1.4 ASPH black chrome lenses. This promotion from Leica is due to the current strength of the US dollar against the Euro and is available now through May 31, June 30, July 31, August 31, October 31, 2015. Read more below for the details!

Leica In Top Ten German Luxury Brands

We've reported on Leica being among Germany's top luxury brands before - once in 2015 and before that in 2013 - both by Handelsblatt which is a German business news site. This time, we have a list compiled by German magazine Bunte in an article called "This is the Top Ten of Germany Luxury Brands" (in German). Read more below for details, translation and complete list!

A Year Later - Leica S (Type 007) Set to Arrive

Announced nearly a year ago the Leica S (Type 007) medium format camera is finally set to arrive in September of this year (next month). Granted, the original plans called for a "Spring 2015" release - so technically it's only half a year late. In terms of digital camera lifespan, that's not a short amount of time... Read more below!

New Leica X-U (Type 113) Camera Coming

It's that time again. Digicame.info is reporting on another RRA registration of a Leica camera - with the name "X-U" and of type 113. We'll monitor this closely and get back to you with details as they emerge!


Ryan Mah On Shooting Video with the Leica M

Black Rhino Creative's Ryan Mah explains why the Leica M was the ideal camera to shoot the video documenting a thought-provoking day in the life of software artist, writer and educator Jer Thorp:

Leica Store Pangyo, Korea Opens

Leica Camera's latest Leica Store has opened in Korea today - located in the Hyundai Department Store Pangyo on the sixth floor! The hours are weekdays 10:30am - 8pm and weekends from 10:30am to 8:30pm. The grand opening will be on August 21, 2015. You can reach them by phone at 031 5170 1642.