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New Leica M Monochrom Release Soon

Another La Vida Leica exclusive! The Leica M Monochrom, introduced in May of 2012, was a gamble on Leica's part that proved to be more successful than anticipated. A camera that its owners truly enjoy, from yours truly to Zack Snyder and Lenny Kravitz. The next iteration has been rumored for quite some time, to be based on the current Leica M (Type 240). Read more below!

Aerial View of Leitz Park

Get an aerial view of Leitz Park, Leica Camera's headquarters, and discover where the heart of Leica photography beats.


Harry Benz La Cravate Review

Added today is the Harry Benz La Cravate review!

These water buffalo leather camera wrist straps will change the way you feel about using one. Simple, elegant and functional!

Adobe Updates ACR/DNG to v8.8

Adobe has released Adobe Camera Raw v8.8 which contains, among other things - nine new lens profiles for Voigtländer M lenses and bugfixes related to Voigtländer and Zeiss lenses. Download it for Windows or Mac OS X. Read more below for details.

Sandra Sczesny New Head of Marketing

As you know, Oliver Kaltner, who was hired as head of marketing last August and most recently replaced Alfred Schopf as CEO has left his previous position vacant. Sandra Sczesny, who's been with the company since 2010 as Director of Communications, will take on the "new" role as Global Director of Marketing and Communications on April 1, 2015 - the same day Kaltner is to officially take the reigns as CEO. Read more below.


Leica T Firmware Update v1.310

Leica today has released firmware v1.310 for the Leica T which contains some minor bugfixes. You can download the firmware and instructions from Leica. Read more below for the complete list.