Street Photographer Andre D. Wagner and his Leica

Brooklyn-based photographer, Andre D. Wagner, received a BFA in Social Work and Digital Media in 2010. Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, he now focuses on his passion which is street and documentary style photography. Definitely check out the great video below and his website!

Aimed at finding ways to preserve the sensitive moments of life that takes him back to his social work roots, Wagner’s photos captures the human condition in a very raw and anonymous way. He considers himself to be a student and recorder of everyday life, while allowing himself to exit the mind and divulge in his surroundings. His love and true desire to capture his subject using traditional film is not solely based on the tangible textures and grains that’s visible in the final shot, but also the reality of shooting individuals from different backgrounds that are just as unpredictable as film can be. His experience is a mixture of straight photography, humanity, personal sensitivities, and creating images that have an emotion of their own. He believes his images should make you feel, and anything less than that just doesn’t’ work.

Andre D. Wagner, Photographer