Economist Releases Safe Cities Index 2015

Not directly photography related, admittedly - but if you're a travel or street photographer, or just deciding on your next vacation, this latest report could have a great impact on your shooting. The Economist has compiled the latest statistics and released the Safe Cities Index 2015. Tokyo leads the cities worldwide, all the way down to Frankfurt, Germany at number 20. New York City is smack-dab in the middle at number 10.

The top twenty safest cities according to the report:

Rank City Country
1 Tokyo Japan
2 Singapore Singapore
3 Osaka Japan
4 Stockholm Sweden
5 Amsterdam Netherlands
6 Sydney Australia
7 Zurich Switzerland
8 Toronto Canada
9 Melbourne Australia
10 New York USA
11 Hong Kong China
12 San Francisco USA
13 Taipei Taiwan
14 Montreal Canda
15 Barcelona Spain
16 Chicago USA
17 Los Angeles USA
18 London England
19 Washington DC USA
20 Frankfurt Germany