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Buying a Leica M8 in 2016

We've had an article on the site for a while now, called "Is the M8 Still a Good Choice?" that looks at the Leica M8 in the critical light of today's standards. Below is a new video by Mattias Burling that also takes a look at this venerable camera. In both cases, the conclusion was that the M8 is still a digital Leica and still takes the same great photos it always did. Check 'em out and read more below for the video!

"Leica SL: A Camera In Search of a Market" Article

Added today is the Leica SL: A Camera In Search of a Market article.

Now that the initial rush of the announcement is over... We take a critical look at how this camera is positioning itself in the market.

Leica Q and the "Delight Factor"

Over on What Digital Camera is a story talking about "The delight factor of cameras" and interestingly enough, features the Leica Q. It's an intangible, hard to quantify feeling but as Leica shooters, we all know it. As they put it, "the delight factor may be an emotional response to a camera, but it’s as important as any physical feature." We'd have to agree. What about you?

Why We Love These Relics

Some buy Leica cameras for their build and quality... Others, for their history. Such is the case in this BBC story, called "Why we love these relics." Naturally, the ultra rare Leica Luxus II from 1932 that recently sold for $1.6M USD at auction was mentioned. Also mentioned (and pictured above) is the 1937 Leica III that captured the iconic "Raising a flag over the Reichstag" photograph in 1945. Lovely cameras and their history; well worth a read.

Leica In Top Ten German Luxury Brands

We've reported on Leica being among Germany's top luxury brands before - once in 2015 and before that in 2013 - both by Handelsblatt which is a German business news site. This time, we have a list compiled by German magazine Bunte in an article called "This is the Top Ten of Germany Luxury Brands" (in German). Read more below for details, translation and complete list!

Leica Invented Autofocus - Then Abandoned It

In an article over on Apple Mac site Cult of Mac called "Leica invented autofocus, then abandoned it" they take a look at how Leica spent nearly 20 years patenting technology in the late 70s that would take focusing out of the hands of the photographer - but then dropped it, figuring its customers already knew how to focus their cameras. Leica used its Leicaflex SL2 for the autofocus prototype and used a a 50mm lens with a servo motor. Two LEDs on top of the viewfinder assisted in detecting the highest contrast of a subject, while the motor turned the focus ring. Surprisingly, it worked well in low light but wasn’t that fast, because it took a number of gears for the motor to generate enough torque to turn the focus ring. Furthermore, the motor housing was converted to hold six batteries that lasted only an hour! Leica sold the technology to Minolta, which marketed the first successful autofocus SLR with the Minolta Maxxum 7000 just five years later...