New Book: Eyes Wide Open - 100 Years of Leica

Leica Camera announced a new book to celebrate their 100 year anniversary, called "Eyes Wide Open - 100 Years of Leica". This 500 page book, measuring 10.6 x 12.5" (27 x 31,8 cm) is now available for pre-order. Read more below for links and full details!

Leica M 100th Anniversary Edition

For the “100 Years of Leica Photography” centennial, Leica has released another limited edition: the Leica M 100th Anniversary Edition. With the unique “100 Years of Leica” logo engraved on top plate, the camera is limited to 500 copies worldwide. Specification-wise, it is identical to the current model. Available In a silver chrome or black painted version, this special edition is available for the same price as the normal version! Read more below for details and photos!

Pre-Order Recent Wetzlar Announcements!

If you missed the recent event in Wetzlar for the opening of the new Leitz Park, fear not! You can now pre-order some of the goodies announced... First up, is the Leica M Edition 100. For a cool $55,000 USD it can be yours. Secondly, is the Valbray EL1 Chrono. Available at a much more "affordable" $24,500 USD (comes in black and silver). Of course, for mere mortals, there's the M Monochrom in Silver (for $7,950 USD). Read more below for additional images!

Les Numeriques Tours Wetzlar and Leitz Park

We've certainly seen a ton of coverage of the recent celebrations over 100 Years of Leica Photography and hopefully everyone isn't too burnt out on it. But Les Numeriques recently took a nice tour of Wetzlar and Leitz Park and shares it with us in "Leitz Wetzlar Park: the return of the child prodigy" (French). Lots of great pictures. Read it in English (via Google).

100th Anniversary M Sets and More!

Continuing from yesterday's Leitz Park Opening Festival, Leica's been busy today as well... Something we've been hearing about for a while - has come to fruition! Many announcements, including the Leica M Edition 100 set as well as a silver M Monochrom option, a "new" Leica M-A analog film camera, a new lens (the Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH), the new Valbray EL1 Chrono watch and more! Read more below for all the details!

Leitz Park Opening Festival

This commemorative plaque was unveiled on May 21, 2014 as part of the 100 years of Leica photography celebration and the Leitz-Park Opening Festival. See more pictures from the event in the Leitz-Park Opening Festival album on Facebook. Read more below for additional images.