Leica M 100th Anniversary Edition

For the “100 Years of Leica Photography” centennial, Leica has released another limited edition: the Leica M 100th Anniversary Edition. With the unique “100 Years of Leica” logo engraved on top plate, the camera is limited to 500 copies worldwide. Specification-wise, it is identical to the current model. Available In a silver chrome or black painted version, this special edition is available for the same price as the normal version!

Limited edition: the Leica M ‘100 years of Leica photography’ anniversary edition

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary, Leica Camera AG is releasing a series of Leica M cameras with special engraving. Both the silver chrome and the black paint versions of the legendary rangefinder camera will be available in a strictly limited run of 500 cameras engraved with the ‘100 years of Leica’ logo on the top plate. The specially engraved anniversary edition, appropriately labelled with a sticker on the box, is technically identical to the current model of the Leica M and is now available.

Equipped with a 24-megapixel full-frame Leica Max CMOS sensor, designed especially for use with M- and R-Lenses and with a multitude of features like Live View, full-HD video and additional focusing methods, the Leica M combines the capabilities of innovative, state-of-the-art digital technology with the latest developments from decades of expertise in rangefinder construction. Together with the high-performance Leica Maestro processor, the full-frame CMOS sensor guarantees the ultimate in speed and imaging quality. Thanks to Live View and Live View Focusing, pictures can now also be composed with the view of the subject through the lens. The resulting exposures can be precisely assessed on the camera’s scratch-resistant, high-resolution 3″ monitor screen with 920,000 pixels. The 1080p full-HD video recording capability further extends the camera’s versatility.

The Leica R-Adapter M, one of the multitude of accessories for the Leica M, allows the use of Leica R-Lenses on the camera. Further accessories are the Leica EVF2, Visoflex electronic viewfinder and a multifunctional handgrip-M with an integrated GPS module that, in combination with optional finger loops in various sizes (S, M and L), helps to ensure safe and steady handling of the camera equipment. The range also includes a Leica Microphone Adapter Set for perfect sound with video recordings.

This year, Leica Camera AG is celebrating 100 years of Leica photography with a series of anniversary editions. In 1914, Oskar Barnack – employed at the Ernst-Leitz factory in Wetzlar and a pioneer of photography – constructed the very first Leica, the Leitz Camera. The construction of this ‘Ur-Leica’ marked the birth of 35 mm photography as we know it and revolutionised the lives of photographers with vastly increased mobility and creative freedom.