Content having to do with good old-fashioned analog film.

Leica Compendium (2nd Edition) Arrives!

Back on August 7th, I posted that the Leica Compendium 2nd Edition was shipping. Just to let everyone know, I just received my copy here in the USA. So if you've got one on order, keep an eye out on the mailbox...

You can look forward to a review of this massive book, along with others - in the review section in the near future.

Tip of the Week (#007) - Metering

Metering. Some times you have a tricky lighting situation or need a convenient "grey card." Use what's around you and meter the sky or the back of your hand, and add one stop - or just meter some grass - to get a roughly 18% exposure. If you don't have a meter, use the "Sunny 16" rule which states that at f/16 you set the shutter speed to the reciprocal of the ISO (e.g. 1/125s for ISO 100). You can adjust from there and if the lighting doesn't change - neither does the exposure. Both film and digital have enough of a latitude to make up small differences.

Film: not dead yet

While checking out the latest, depressing news headlines - I came across an interesting video featured on CNN called film: not dead yet that offers "a unique look into New York City's still vibrant analog photography community." Really nice production value, and starts off with a guy (Colin H) shooting a Mamiya C330 TLR... Features a Leica briefly, familar scenes and Erwin Elliot. Works for me.


Leica Temporarily Halts MP Production Until 2012

In an interesting tidbit, courtesy of the Leica MP product page at Robert White (a UK-based and online Leica dealer) we learn that Leica has temporarily halted production of the stock and "a là carte" MP bodies until "early 2012." Leica "a là carte" lets you customize your MP or M7 camera...

Tip of the Week (#006) - Self Timer

The self timer. More useful than you think, especially on the M9. When in bulb mode you can hit the shutter button once to open the shutter and the LCD will count up the seconds (up to 240). Just hit the shutter button again to close the shutter. On the Ti M9 it's the only way to use bulb since it lacks a threaded cable release socket. The M7 and M8's LCD work the same way (going up to 999), but you'll need a locking cable release to keep the shutter button down. New on the M9 is the ability to disable it altogether to prevent accidental activation.

Lens Primer - Advanced Topics

Added today is the Lens Primer - Advanced Topics article.

The third article of the series, this one gets into more advanced topics such as optical aberrations, lens design elements, ergonomics, bokeh and more.