Content having to do with good old-fashioned analog film.

Zeiss Discusses the Planar Lens Design

If you don't follow Zeiss' CLN, or Camera Lens News blog - it's worth checking out. They don't put out a lot of material, but what they do is usually a good read. This entry is one of their better ones...

Removing Photo Credit a DMCA Violation

Interesting... A federal appeals court in Philadelphia has reinstated a photographer's copyright lawsuit against a New Jersey radio station owner, after finding that a lower court came to the wrong decision on every issue in the case...

Ultimate Filter Test

The guys over at have done it again. This time, they've stacked 50 UV filters to see what would happen. Note, this is not recommended...

The Travel Kit

Added today is The Travel Kit article.

Hoping to answer the perennial favorite, "what should I bring?" question.

Shooting in the Dark

Added today is the Shooting in the Dark article.

The article discusses the high-ISO drama and general techniques for available light shooting.

Choosing Focal Lengths

Added today is the Choosing Focal Lengths article.

The article discusses what the "typical" focal lengths for a rangefinder are and what's involved with both going wider and longer.