Content having to do with good old-fashioned analog film.

Using Filters in B&W Photography

Added today is the Using Filters in B&W Photography article.

If you shoot with black and white film, the use of colored or other filters can change the whole feel of the image, even dramatically - or enhance certain aspects, giving you greater control.

Tip of the Week (#002) - Exposure Compensation

Exposure compensation. Not everyone's cup of tea, but handy for situations like shooting in the snow or at the beach. It's available on the M7 via the rear dial, in the SET menu of the M8 and configurable for both/either on the M9. But what about older bodies? Easy! Change the film ISO. Remember, each doubling or halving of the ISO (e.g. 200 vs. 100) results in a one-stop adjustment (just like full apertures or shutter speeds). Of course, this only applies to metered bodies - and a limited few at that (mainly the M6, M6 TTL, M5)... Also works on light meters. Don't forget to change it back!

Interesting Look at Leica Manufacturing

Check out The Leica Manufacturing Process post on the Leica Camera Blog for an interesting insight into how lenses are manufactured by the elves in Solms.

Manfrotto 709B Tabletop Tripod

Added today is the Manfrotto 709B tabletop tripod review.

If you don't need the height and can live with using other objects to provide that - this tiny, lightweight and very stable ballhead platform might be just the ticket!

Choosing a B&W Film Developer

Added today is the Choosing a B&W Film Developer article.

When it comes to shooting film, the type of film you choose plays a huge part in the end result. What might not be obvious is that your choice of developer has an equally important role.

Leica 135mm (SHOOC) Finder

Added today is the Leica 135mm (SHOOC) Finder review.

If you're curious about using 135mm lenses on the M system, or looking for a way to improve the experience - the SHOOC is one part of the solution (besides a magnifier).