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Conversation with Henri Cartier-Bresson

A nice conversation with Henri Cartier-Bresson:


HCB Exhibition in Rome

An Italian TV piece on a Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibit at a museum in Rome.

"Look there, where others only know how to see." This phrase captures the essence of the work of Henri Cartier-Bresson, his unmistakable stylistic diversity of his approach to photography, his relationship with the camera, I quote the words of Bresson: "My Leica is literally an extension of my eye "says Cartier-Bresson," the way in which I hold in my hand, narrow forehead, his mark when the eyes move from side to side, it gives me the impression of being a referee in a match I held before my eyes, which I'll take the atmosphere to the hundredth of a second."


Nice Video of 1954 Leica IIIf "Red Dial"

While this video isn't about an M camera, it was too nice not to share. A lovely piece on a 1954(ish) Leica IIIf "Red Dial" camera:



More Recent Leica Related Articles

We like to troll the net for all sorts of Leica related articles, especially those that might otherwise slip under the radar. This update brings another round of some interesting articles worth passing on. What's interesting to note is that they're also mostly about film bodies and how they played a part in the lives of the photographers discussed in the articles. To say the Leica is deeply entrenched in the scene might just be an understatement...

Beverly Hills Street Photography POV

Eric Kim and Medhi Bouqua show us how it's done in Beverly Hills (Rodeo Drive), shooting strangers on the sidewalks street-style. He attached a GoPro camera to his Leica M6 (loaded with Kodak Portra 400) to record his adventure, and then edited in the photos he shot after getting the film developed and scanned:


Recent Leica Related Articles

There have been a number of articles written recently (outside of the usual circle of sites) showing that Leica (and film) is alive and well out there, as these photographer's stories can attest. One photographer by the name of Syd Greenberg had a standing bet with anyone that if he was found to be without his Leica camera, he would pay them $5. Below are some links to articles worth checking out, as they're all interesting if not good reads...