New 24MP Sensor for M10?

With Kodak in the lurch these days (and as the sole provider of the sensor in current digital M cameras) there's some speculation that a new sensor recently posted by Dalsa (or a variant) could be the one used in the upcoming Leica "M10" camera...

Indeed, the specs make a lot of sense. It's 24MP (6000 x 3988) and features "microlenses with wide angular response." Also featured is a "high sensitivity, high dynamic range (>71dB)" and "variable electronic shuttering." Some very interesting stuff there and leaves open a lot of potential new things to make their debut in the M10.


Specifically designed for professional digital still applications, Teledyne DALSA's 24 megapixel full frame CCD is one of our high resolution image sensors, setting new standards in imaging performance.

Very large area, high dynamic range, high speed, robust antiblooming and low noise, the FTF6040C combines these features all in one image sensor.

When using four outputs, a progressively scanned image can be read out at 3.6 frames per second.


  • 35mm film compatible image format (36 x 24mm2)
  • 24M active pixels (6000H x 3988V)
  • RGB Bayer pattern
  • Progressive scan
  • Excellent anti-blooming
  • Variable electronic shuttering
  • Square pixel structure
  • H and V binning
  • Vertical sub-sampling
  • >95% fill factor
  • Microlenses with wide angular response
  • High sensitivity, high dynamic range (>71dB)
  • Low dark current and low fixed pattern noise, low readout noise
  • Data rate up to 25MHz per output (4 outputs)
  • Mirrored and split readout
  • Perfectly matched to visual spectrum
  • RoHS compliant