New Leica M Monochrom This Weekend!

Exclusive La Vida Leica news! Earlier we mentioned a New Leica product on May 1, 2015. At first we thought it was likely to be the new Leica Q (Type 116) according to all current info we had received, but like anything in the rumor business - things change, often quickly. We got some last-minute intel and confirmation from multiple sources - and now know what that is... Turns out that it will be the new Leica M Monochrom (Type 246) after all! Except it won't be announced at the Paris Photo Los Angeles event. It will be announced independently and concurrently... At the Leica Store Los Angeles. More details as they develop, of course... But in the mean time, check out this print ad, which you will be seeing in the upcoming issue of M Magazine...

New Leica M Monochrom print ad from M Magazine

The new M Monochrom will be based on a 24MP CMOS sensor similar in spec to the current Leica M/M-P (Type 240), likely getting the same treatment as the previous M Monochrom's CCD sensor had; the removal of the Bayer filter. Many months ago we had heard that Leica was having issues with this aspect of the camera and why it was delayed - and supposedly it was to come out during Photokina 2014. As near as we can tell, there's nothing else really "new" about this camera, as far as features, and likely why this is a bit of a "low key" event. So, better late than never we suppose... Note however that "announced" and "available" are two different things - we haven't heard anything about the latter yet, or the price. On that note, it's also somewhat interesting as far as timing - as the Leica body and lens discounts expire at midnight the day before (unless they're extended yet again)...

Consider that the original Leica M Monochrom was announced on May 10, 2012 at a special event... So here we are, almost exactly three years later, and a typical product life cycle for Leica. Sure, they've said that they'd like to try a longer cycle in the past... But you can't believe everything on the Internet, right?

As for the Leica Q, everything is currently pointing at a collaboration with Panasonic on a tiny compact.

Update (04/30/15):

In a bit of a surprise move, Leica has announced the new M Monochrom ahead of the weekend!