High Megapixel M Camera at Photokina?

Details are still sketchy right now, but we'll go ahead and break the news anyway - and of course, keep you updated on any developments between now and Photokina... As you know, Leica will be introducing a CMOS-based Leica S camera. We've been saying that for a while. But what no one else knows is that Leica is set to introduce a high megapixel M camera that's largely new from the existing Leica M (Type 240). What we're not sure of yet is the exact megapixel count; we'd guess 36MP. And yes, despite some silly rumors - it will have an LCD. We also have some other minor details, but we'll keep those close to the vest for now... See what other Leica gear is on tap for Photokina 2014 and stay tuned!

But why announce the "new" Leica M-P right before Photokina, you might ask. Usual reasons... Low-hanging fruit. Easy modifications to an existing body for more money ($700-1,000 USD). While this is typically a sign of clearing out the channels and parts bins ahead of a new camera, there's still a nagging question. What about the price increase on the Leica M (Type 240) (of $300 USD) then? Your guess is as good as ours at this point. It could be that the new camera will reach a new high for Leica prices, or that the existing M/M-P will become the "new M-E" (entry level). Honestly, we don't have all the answers... Yet.

Of course, don't forget about the new Leica M-S and limited edition(s) we posted about also...

Update (8/29/14):

There is one other explanation that we can offer, given the tips we have from our sources. One thing we do know is that a "high resolution M camera" is coming. What we haven't been able to confirm or deny is whether or not it might be the new M Monochrom we're expecting. Taken in the context of the existing M Monochrom, at 18MP - one based on the M (Type 240) at 24MP... Would indeed be a "high resolution M camera" - and fit within the parameters of the recent M-P announcement and regular M price increase... Either way, this is good news. Stay tuned.

Clearly there are those (especially on certain forums) that don't believe us. That's okay. The rumor business is an inexact one. But don't assume you know everything (not saying that we do, either). You might recall that we were the only ones that knew of the Leica M-E coming at Photokina 2012... How soon we forget, eh?

Update (9/1/14):

Another source has said that the M-P was the last hurrah for the M (Type 240) we'll see this year. However, a new M Monochrom hasn't been ruled out. Looks like this one might be busted - but for now, still plausible (to borrow from Mythbusters). So we're downgrading this one. We'll keep you posted.

Update (9/1/14):

Well, we've heard from another source and it looks like this is more than likely busted at this point - both for a regular M and M Monochrom update.

Update (9/8/14):

There might be a little life left in this one yet. One Leica salesperson has stated that they cannot get any more M Monochrom cameras... Hmmm.

Update (9/12/14):

The only thing we can really add to this at this point is that both an update to the M and M Monochrom are definitely in development... But this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, obviously. Sadly though, and almost certainly, neither will be revealed at Photokina 2014. Our original source was unable to verify the initial assertion and we've heard not a peep further other than "the M is done" (from a second source) after the release of the M-P. The only exception is the M 60 Special Edition - but it's just that, a special edition - and nothing "new." Interestingly, in an interview with Alfred Schopf it would seem that he doesn't expect to see something like a 60MP camera (M or otherwise) being mainstream any time soon, due to practical matters (rather than technical). Okay, so we at least have a range now - 25-59MP. :D