Leica Q (Type 116) Coming Next Month

Exclusive La Vida Leica news! We have it on very good authority what next month will bring... Originally, we thought the new M Monochrom (Type 246) would arrive in June (until we revised that at the last minute). While we don't know for sure what the final name is (it's codenamed "Hemingway") we feel pretty confident it's going to be the Leica Q (Type 116) that we mentioned last month.

Originally it was thought to be a compact camera, possibly a collaboration with Panasonic, as Leica is wont to do. Now we know better. Think Sony RX1 as far as size, look, format (and what the image above is based on). Throw in the 24MP full frame sensor of the Leica M-P and add a fixed 28mm lens... Either a Summicron f/2 or a Summilux f/1.4, we're not sure yet. And you've got the Q. It will go for 4.000€ (~4,500 USD).

Update (05/06/15):

We've received another bit of info that the lens will indeed be 28mm... But come in at f/1.7.

Update (05/07/15):

Apparently, certain folks don't believe us... Again. When will they learn? And yes, that's a Sony RX1 in the picture, which we mentioned above. See you next month!

Update (05/11/15):

At least one site so far has shared this news (and without credit, we might add). DSLR Magazine.

Update (05/27/15):

Mirrorless Rumors is late to the game. But wait, there is more! ;)

Update (06/01/15):

The chatter out there is heating up.

Update (06/03/15):

Predictably, some sites are linking to the wrong source. But not all do and we thank them for that!

Update (06/04/15):

Digicame.info has posted what they believe the specs (translated) to be.

Seems NPC Photo in Hong Kong slipped up with photos. (removed)

Update (06/05/15):

Seems that once again Leica had leaked some info on their site.

Update (06/08/15):

Even Dr. Kaufmann got in on the action some "leaked" photos on Facebook.

Update (06/10/15):

The Leica Q (Type 116) has been announced and we have a full hands-on review of it!

Guess La Vida Leica was right all along. ;)