Leica stores (standalone) and boutiques (within a camera store).

Leica Store San Francisco Grand Opening

We were the first to bring you news of the Leica Store San Francisco to Open and kept you updated on the progress... Well, that exciting time has come - and the grand opening is upon us! Leica Store San Francisco is the largest Leica store on the west coast and in partnership with Camera West of Walnut Creek and Rancho Mirage there will be events on August 15th-17th. The store is located in San Francisco's historical district at 463 Bush Street, across the street from the Chinatown Gate. Read more below for the press release and details!


Leica Promotes You and Leica M Test Drive

Today an invite went out to select Leica fans, friends and owners on Leica's mailing list - inviting them to the "You and Leica M" promotion. You can download a PDF with your personal invitation to a Leica M test drive - print out a copy and show it the next time you visit one of the selected dealers taking part in this promotion and enjoy your exclusive Leica M experience. It runs until October 31, 2014. Read more below for details and update!

Interview with Leica UK's Jason Heward

The relatively new blog Gadabouting, that "shares the best of luxury from the worlds of fashion, technology, food, culture and our favourite, travel" - has an interesting interview in "Gadabouting Takes A Seat With Jason Heward, Leica Camera UK’s Commercial Director."

The change is more of a shift from customer to owner. Our owners are seeking a relationship with the Brand, not just a product. This is why we focus on the conversation. We are fortunate to have passionate and dedicated people working at Leica, many of whom are photographic professionals in their own right. Our owners are less interested in long conversations about the technical information, and are more interested in how they can reveal the photographer within – from the photographer using a compact Leica C, to our iconic Leica M-System and our professional digital medium format S-System.

Leica Store Kyoto Comes to Life

Watch the Leica Store Kyoto come to life and the discover the concept behind its design - a flagship store located on Hanamikoji Street in the Gion district, which represents the rich history and culture of this ancient city. This is where Japan’s traditional beauty and elegance are on full display. The store is in a beautifully renovated 100 year-old, two-story townhouse (Machi-ya). The original structure, as well as many of its wooden beams and pillars, is still in its original state. Even so, the store clearly shows the image of Leica’s corporate identity. The result is a unique Leica store that does not exist anywhere else. Leica, which has 160-year history and craftsmanship, believes that the company will be able to further contribute to the photographic culture by operating in Kyoto, which has more than 1,200 years of history and culture. Leica expects a new creative force to emerge.

Leica Store Kyoto


Leica Acquires Majority Stake in Leica Shop/Westlicht

Leica Camera AG today has announced that it has acquired majority stake (75%) of Leica Shop in Vienna, Austria. Connected to the purchase are two Leica stores and the Auction House Westlicht, also in Vienna. Financial details were not disclosed by the parties. The Leica Shop was founded by Peter Coeln 23 years ago. Alfred Schopf says of the acquisition, "The majority takeover of Peter Coeln GesmbH is a unique opportunity for the Leica Camera AG, to further expand and strengthen the perception of the Leica brand in this field, the presence in the market for collectibles. We also benefit from the extensive experience of Peter Coelns in the resale of old and new Leica products in auctions and in the online trading of used cameras." Read more below for the full press release!

Leica Store Mayfair to Lure M Buyers

Leica Store Mayfair (London) is looking to entice people on the fence over the Leica M (Type 240) to jump, by offering a 48 hour rental for $136. Those that commit to buying will see that fee refunded towards the purchase of their new Leica M. Customers are given the choice between the Summicron-M 35mm f/2 ASPH and Summarit-M 50mm f/2.5 lenses. The offer runs until September 27, 2014. Read more below for details!