Leica stores (standalone) and boutiques (within a camera store).

Leica Store Miami FL Opens

We've received word via Leica Camera and Dave Farkas (of Dale Photo and Digital) that the shiny new Leica Store Miami is open for business! Congrats, guys! While they opened on February 25, 2013 - the grand opening celebration will be on March 21, 2013. They've already received the new M, so head down for a peek and some great looking cappuccinos. Read more below for the full press release:


Leica Store SoHo NY Opens

Leica Camera opened a new store at 460 West Broadway, New York City, the heart of SoHo. To celebrate the opening, there is an exhibition of photographs from Magnum Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol. Customers will be able to buy the full line of Leica Camera products and be able to participate in workshops.


Why Leica Is Opening So Many Stores

The Why Leica Is Opening So Many Stores article in Businessweek provides further insight into why Leica Shuns Online in Favor of Physical Stores (an article we posted just a few days ago). Interesting time for specialty "boutique" stores - especially camera makers in light of competition from smartphones and other P&S cameras, a market which is essentially saturated by big box stores such as Best Buy. Looking to copy the success of high-end clothing and Apple Stores perhaps?

Leica Shuns Online in Favor of Physical Stores

In the article "Leica Shuns Online in Favor of Physical Stores over on PSFK, the author mentions the start of the Leica Stores in the U.S. Perhaps most of us already knew about the new Washington D.C. store, or even the new ones in New York and Miami due to open by the end of the summer. What's revealing is that Leica Camera AG hopes to grow the number of outposts from 37 to 200 worldwide by 2016.