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Why We Love These Relics

Some buy Leica cameras for their build and quality... Others, for their history. Such is the case in this BBC story, called "Why we love these relics." Naturally, the ultra rare Leica Luxus II from 1932 that recently sold for $1.6M USD at auction was mentioned. Also mentioned (and pictured above) is the 1937 Leica III that captured the iconic "Raising a flag over the Reichstag" photograph in 1945. Lovely cameras and their history; well worth a read.

Leica Store Manchester to Auction Nick Ut X2

Leica Store Manchester is holding a silent auction for a custom Leica X2 in Silver Chrome. The camera also comes with a limited edition Leica Capri Blue Camera Protector and Capri Blue neck strap. The camera has also been engraved with Nick Ut’s signature, the same engraving that has been given to the camera that Nick uses as part of his enrollment to the Leica Hall of Fame. The auction will end on July 18, 2015 at 11:59pm. All proceeds from this unique piece will be donated to the Kim Phuc Foundation. See here for more details on the camera and auction!

Stan Tamarkin Site Hacked

The name Stan Tamarkin (of Stan Tamarkin Camera for example) should sound familiar to many. He runs the Stan Tamarkin Rare Camera Auctions site, as well... Which apparently wasn't kept up to date, and got hacked on October 31, 2014 - and the evidence is still there two weeks later! This might give you pause, considering the high profile auction taking place on November 15, 2014 - only two days away. The fact that these spam-laden posts have gone undetected and unmoderated is not a comforting feeling... As the site cannot be trusted at this time, which jeopardizes registrations at the very least. Read more below for update.


Famous James Bond Leicas Up for Auction?

Remember those Leica cameras that secret agent James Bond (007) made famous? Like the Leica M3 in "Dr. No" or the one in "Thunderball?" Well, now's your chance to pick one up (sort of) - at Richard Winterton’s autumn fine art and collectors’ sale next Tuesday (September 30, 2014) in Lichfield, UK. Read more about it in "James Bond bonanza for 007 fans at Lichfield auction." However, if you view the online catalog of the auction, you realize that they're really just Leica IIIc cameras, and have nothing to do with James Bond. Just clever marketing. Oh well.

The auction also includes several iconic Leica cameras, a brand featured in Thunderball and other original novels...

Leica Acquires Majority Stake in Leica Shop/Westlicht

Leica Camera AG today has announced that it has acquired majority stake (75%) of Leica Shop in Vienna, Austria. Connected to the purchase are two Leica stores and the Auction House Westlicht, also in Vienna. Financial details were not disclosed by the parties. The Leica Shop was founded by Peter Coeln 23 years ago. Alfred Schopf says of the acquisition, "The majority takeover of Peter Coeln GesmbH is a unique opportunity for the Leica Camera AG, to further expand and strengthen the perception of the Leica brand in this field, the presence in the market for collectibles. We also benefit from the extensive experience of Peter Coelns in the resale of old and new Leica products in auctions and in the online trading of used cameras." Read more below for the full press release!

Mystery Leica on Auction at WestLicht

The mystery item "Edition 100 Years of Leica" is described as a special anniversary edition by the WestLicht auction house in Vienna, and the sale is part of a larger auction - "100 rare treasures from every epoch of technical development of Leitz history." This item, Lot 100 - is billed as one of the auction highlights. It won't be cheap; the opening bid is €22,000 ($30,391 USD). WestLicht says, "The secret will be disclosed on 22nd May, one day before the auction starts." Should be interesting! Read more below for details!