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Wim Wenders - Photography is Dead

Renowned German film director and photographer Wim Wenders has hit out at phone "photography." Speaking at an exhibition of his Polaroid works, he said photography was dead and thinks mobile phones are to blame. Read more and check out the video below...

Teaser for AcuityColorGrain - The Film

Aaron C. Greenman has been a photographer for over 25 years and has lived and worked on four continents. His work has been exhibited in Europe and across the web, including frequent postings over the past four years on The Leica Camera Blog for his work in Japan, Thailand, India, East Africa, Israel, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, and Western Europe. Read more below for details!


Jamie Cullum on (Leica) Photography

Leica Camera at Photokina 2014 this year had set up a Leica Gallery (located in Hall 1, from September 16-21, 2014) with music as the theme. Among the photographers exhibited was Jamie Cullum. The Arts Desk posted an article, "10 Questions for Musician Jamie Cullum" where he answers ten questions... For some background on his interest in photography, especially when it comes to Leica - check out the last question that was asked, "The new album also showcases your skills behind the lens. When did you first get into photography and how did you hook up with Michael Agel of Leica?" to which he replied... Read more below to find out!

Schopf: Japanese Shooting Themselves in Knee

In an article over on Die Welt where they interview Alfred Schopf of Leica in, "The Japanese are shooting themselves in the foot from a marketing perspective" (in German) are some interesting tidbits. For example, the Leica M-E is selling better than anyone thought; some 300-350 per month. He goes on to say that releasing new cameras every six months only serves to frustrate customers and doubts we'll see 60MP cameras any time soon. The big news is that he confirms what we've told you - successors to the S and X2 cameras will be announced at Photokina 2014! Read more below for details and translation!

Interview with Ralph Gibson

Over on artnet there's a cool interview with Ralph Gibson. Ralph Gibson studied photography while in the United States Navy before attending the San Francisco Art Institute and working as an assistant to both FSA photographer Dorothea Lange from 1961 to 1962 and filmmaker Robert Frank on two separate films. Working primarily with the Leica camera, Gibson is most recognized for overlaying elements of film narrative and mystery onto the Surrealist subject of the female body.


AP Interviews Stefan Daniel and Alfred Schopf

Amateur Photographer published a series of interviews with Stefan Daniel (Product Manager) and Alfred Schopf (CEO) of Leica Camera AG. Read more below for the highlights.