AP Interviews Stefan Daniel and Alfred Schopf

Amateur Photographer published a series of interviews with Stefan Daniel (Product Manager) and Alfred Schopf (CEO) of Leica Camera AG. Here are the highlights from the interviews:

  • Leica received "very nice" amount of orders for the Leica T
  • They chose APS-C sensor for the Leica T in order to keep the size of the camera and lenses small
  • The Leica T sensor is made by Sony
  • The Leica T is hand polished in Portugal
  • Leica will not reveal the name of the manufacturer that makes Leica T lenses in Japan (it is not Panasonic)
  • In the future Leica T lenses could be produced in Germany as well
  • The new plant in Wetzlar will provide at least a 50% increase in productivity
  • Leica's revenue doubled in the three years after 2009
  • Leica produces around 1000 film cameras per year, 60% of them are sold in Japan
  • On a potential full frame Leica T based camera, Leica's CEO answered:

    Let's wait and see... Whatever I say can be misinterpreted. Might Leica show up with a full-format camera at some point, with an autofocus? Yes. Don't ask me about the design.