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Nazis with Good Cameras

In an article over on Vice called "Nazi Era Snapshots and the Banality of Evil" we learn of the photo collection of Daniel Lenchner (68). Scouring flea markets, estate sales, and the internet, Lenchner has collected over 500 snapshots of Nazis taken by Nazis that document their daily lives: their families, their friendships, and their leisure activities. One bit of dubious distinction, as far as Leica is concerned, is this tidbit...


Q&A with Photographer Frank Hallam Day

The Creative Review has a nice "Q&A with photographer Frank Hallam Day" for us. You may have seen some of his work such as the "RV Night" series (one shot of which is seen above) and "Ship Hulls." He's based out of Washington, and a self-taught photographer - he exhibits and also teaches photography in several educational institutions in the U.S. Like many of us, he got bitten by the photography bug at an early age; watching his dad in the darkroom. A nice read!

... I don't use medium format film any more; full frame digital is just as good as scanned MF film. Now I carry the Leica M, a bunch of Leica glass, and the new Sony Alpha 7r with an adapter to use the Leica lenses. Leica glass is amazing, nothing else like it.

ProfiFoto Interviews Stefan Daniel

ProfiFoto interviews Stefan Daniel of Leica... Read more below for German version.

Leica Interview en

ADOX Interview with Mirko Böddecker

The site has a great piece called "Mirko Böddecker, Adox, im Interview" (in German) where Böddecker talks about all things ADOX - a brand we (all?) know and love... The market is stable, if not doing well and new products are continuously under development. This bodes well for us film shooters. In fact, there's talk of further color films and of course papers and chemicals. Read more below for translation.

Portuguese Photography & 100 Years Leica

The site Público has a story, "Portuguese photography featured prominently in the exhibition celebrating 100 years of Leica" (in Portuguese). It talks about Portuguese photographers such as Gérard Castello-Lopes, Victor Palla, Varela Pécurto, Edward Harrington Sena, Sena da Silva and Fernando Taborda of the 1950s and 1960s - many of which shot with a Leica. Follow along as Hans-Michael Koetzle (pictured above) talks about some of the history involved. A rather interesting read! Read more below for translation!

Most Magnificent Shooting Gear in World

Over on The Brander there's an article called, "Leica – The Most Magnificent Shooting Equipment in the World" which talks about the revival of Leica since its near-demise back in 2004 before Dr. Andreas Kaufmann stepped in. A much more in-depth piece than our earlier story, "Leica Phoenix Rising from the Ashes."

Almost ten years ago, Kaufmann, having come into a significant inheritance, jumped in to save the legendary camera manufacturer from bankruptcy after the company failed to make the transition to the digital era. Today, Leica is on expansion course again.