Firmware updates for the M and S-System as well as compacts.

Leica Releases Firmware v1.002 for MM

Today Leica Camera has released the latest firmware for the M Monochrom. You can download it here along with the instructions and a list of improvements which are:

  • Bugfix to improve stability in “Discreet”-Mode
  • Linguistic improvements in French, Italian
  • Improved stability when the camera is connected to USB

Leica Releases New M Firmware

Hot on the heels of yesterday's launch around the world, the Leica M sported v1.1.0.0 firmware. Today Leica has released v1.1.0.2 for immediate download. The update (only) fixes vignetting correction on nearly a dozen wide angle lenses. Read more below for the full list of lenses and download links.

Leica M8/M8.2 Firmware Update Coming

If you own a Leica M8, M8.2 or "M8u" (upgraded) body and have been wondering if you'd ever see another firmware update at this point... The answer is yes! We know they'll be adding support for the APO-Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH lens but not much else at this point; let alone a release timeframe. We'll keep you updated of course, but they are working on it - as evidenced by this somewhat roundabout response...

APO-Telyt-M 135mm Gains 6-Bit Coding

The Leica APO-Telyt-M 135mm f/3.4 lens ($3,495 MSRP) will now be manufactured with 6-bit coding. Besides being the last lens currently in production without coding, the new Leica M (Type 240) body will make it easier to use such lenses (since it offers live view, focus peaking and confirmation). If you purchased the lens after September 1, 2012 - you can get the lens serviced for the 6-bit coding, for free. You might recall that the lens has existed in the firmware for a while, but took v1.162+ (for the M9/M9-P) before a permanently codeable value was possible. At least now you don't have to manually select it in the menu or code it yourself anymore.

28mm Summilux Likely Coming

It would seem that a lens profile was discovered for a Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH lens in the latest M9 firmware update. Read more below for the details, along with some other tidbits.

Leica Releases Firmware v1.196 for M9/M9-P

Today Leica has released the latest firmware for the M9 and M9-P, v1.196. You can download it here, along with the instructions and a list of the improvements. There's actually a little something for everyone in this release and recommended. Read more below for the overview: