APO-Telyt-M 135mm Gains 6-Bit Coding

The Leica APO-Telyt-M 135mm f/3.4 lens ($3,495 MSRP) will now be manufactured with 6-bit coding. Besides being the last lens currently in production without coding, the new Leica M (Type 240) body will make it easier to use such lenses (since it offers live view, focus peaking and confirmation). If you purchased the lens after September 1, 2012 - you can get the lens serviced for the 6-bit coding, for free. You might recall that the lens has existed in the firmware for a while, but took v1.162+ (for the M9/M9-P) before a permanently codeable value was possible. At least now you don't have to manually select it in the menu or code it yourself anymore.