Leica T Firmware Update v1.3

Leica today has released firmware v1.3 for the Leica T (from v1.2 in September). Many interesting updates and improvements are included in this release, including significantly faster startup time, improved image processing, bug fixes and general performance tweaks. You can download the firmware and instructions from Leica. Read more below for the complete list and press release.

Performance Improvements:

  1. Start-Up time:
    The start-up time could significantly be shortened compared to the previous FW version (< 0,9s)
  2. Image Quality:
    Improvement of the cameras internal digital image processing; new tone curves for JPG images are implemented, which match DNG image impression
  3. Bug fixes & general performance improvements

New Features and Feature Improvements:

  1. WiFi Set Up Menu:
    After connecting to a WiFi network an assistant menu comes into place asking whether to use the Leica T app or the web gallery application and doing all the respective settings according to the users selection
  2. Extended function of Auto rotate modus:
    The image will be rotated when camera is rotated in order to use full LCD size, this rotation is also available in auto review playback
  3. Brightness Simulation:
    The live view image in M exposure mode is now showing a brightness simulation of the resulting exposure; this function is also active in P, A, S when using exposure compensation
  4. M-adaptor and Dial use:
    When using the M adaptor, the focus aid function - magnification 3x, 6x and off - is available in direct access on the left soft dial
  5. Digi Scoping Scene Mode:
    In Digi Scoping scene mode, the exposure results are improved (limitation to longest shutter speed of 1/250“ is deleted)
  6. Touch AF / Touch AF and Release:
    When using the Touch AF modus the last AF position will be kept, even if the camera is operated by the shutter release button the next time
  7. Optional limited Focus range:
    A newly special limited AF modus for new lenses – etc. the tele photo Vario lens 55-135mm – which offers a limited focus distance range in order to speed up the Auto Focus for certain applications
  8. Scene Modes:
    AF modes can be selected in scene modes
  9. EVF Visoflex (Typ020):
    Newly adapted graphic layout of the information bars in the EVF

The press release for this update (translated to English):

New Firmware Update 1.3 for Camera System LEICA T

The Leica Camera AG, Wetzlar, provides a new firmware update for the camera Leica T (Type 701) is available. Users who want to bring their product to the latest version, the firmware (FW 1.3) can be downloaded for free from the Leica website and benefit from the improvements immediately.

The main new features including significantly shortened switch of the camera. This is - compared to previous firmware versions - now in less than 0.9 seconds. In addition, the improvement of the camera's internal image processing. New tone curves for the processed JPG images were implemented and provide a matching image impression on the DNG image.

In addition, the Firmware Update 1.3 includes many new and improved functions. This includes, for example, improving the WiFi set-up screen: When the camera is connected to a WiFi network, there is now an automatic query on the use of the Leica T app or Web Gallery. All settings then required are then made according to the user's selection. The function "Auto Rotate menu" has been revised. The images will be automatically rotated together with the camera and then fill the entire display. This rotation is also present in the automatic playback. New is also a brightness simulation of the live image in the exposure program M. This function is also active in the exposure modes P, A, and S, provided that the exposure compensation is used.

Further improvements are also arise in the use of the M-adapter (here the focus assist is now in direct access on the left rotary knob available), in the exposure result in "digiscoping scene mode" (the limitation of the longest shutter speed of 1 / 250s was removed) and in the "Touch AF / Touch AF and Shoot" (the last AF position that was selected in the touch AF mode will exist and is maintained even when using the camera with the shutter button). In addition, new features like an optional limited focus area (with the new Leica APO Lens Vario-Elmar-T. 1: 3.5-4.5 / 55-135 mm ASPH is for example a special AF mode implemented that provides a limited focusing range to make the autofocus faster in certain applications). Also new is the ability to select autofocus modes in the scene modes, and layout adjustment of the information bar at the EVF Visoflex (type 020).