Leica T Firmware Update v1.2

Leica has released a new firmware update, v1.2 (from v1.1), for the Leica T! Specific download links below or just hit the download area - it primarily includes many new features that further simplify the overall operation of the Leica T camera system and thereby provide even more creative possibilities. Hopefully it addresses some of the issues we discovered in our recent Hands-on with the Leica T (Type 701). Originally, Leica was seeking beta testers for this release, but decided instead to push it out for Photokina 2014.

You can download via the following links:

Here are the details of the update:

  1. Virtual knob lock:
    The virtual dials on the LCD can be locked and released again by the retention of the respective rotary control icon.
  2. Switching between photo and video preview:
    The widescreen display live video recording can now be viewed without switching. To the video mode Please make an horizontal swipe on the LCD.
  3. Display the Leica viewfinder Visoflex:
    The photo display is now available Visoflex. It displays the photos in playback mode and it is possible through the individual photos to "flipping". Zooming in on a photo or video in the Visoflex not possible.
  4. Digiscope Scene Menu mode:
    The introduced at Photokina Leica T Digiscope adapter for Leica Televid telescopes makes it possible to use as a 1200mm super telephoto lens. Leica telescope To facilitate the use of this combination extra easy Leica has developed a special Scene function above that automatically ensures the correct camera settings. Through the free Leica T APP your Apple iPad or iPhone can be used as a remote control with Live View.
  5. Disable "Auto Review" function:
    An "off" position is added to the "Auto Review" feature. (Although the playback time is reduced, it can not be turned off for 100%) to a minimum.
  6. Zoom function in playback mode:
    In playback mode, the input and uitzoommogelijkheid simplified. A quick double tap on the photo creates a 30% zoomed image, and at it again, double tap jump the image to full screen.
  7. Preserves Camera settings after "Reset":
    The current WiFi settings and user profiles can be maintained at a general reset of the camera.

Further improvements of firmware update v1.2:

  • Wi-Fi:
    The time to reconnect to a known Wi-Fi network connection is shortened.
  • Keyboard:
    Typing is enhanced by an adapted and scaled keyboard design.
  • Virtual knob indication:
    The designation of the virtual knobs is enhanced by a new icon design.
  • Designation exposure:
    The neutral "0" position is also indicated on the exposure scale.
  • Flash Indication:
    The flash can not be used at times faster than the maximum flash sync speed. In the state forced flash will now be a warning message with the text: "Flash not possible".
  • Automatically adjusts LCD brightness:
    The steps of adjusting the brightness of the LCD can be made ​​smaller, whereby the transitions are smoother eyes to the user.
  • Bug fixes and general performance enhancing modifications.