Leica Releases Firmware v1.174 for M9/M9-P

Back on August 5th, we posted the story of Leica issuing a statement on M9/SDHC card compatibility with updates posted on September 14th and again on October 11th. Leica has now released the latest firmware update, v.1.174 for M9/M9-P cameras which should address these issues:

Leica Camera has become aware of customers experiencing compatibility issues related to select types of new memory cards when used in the Leica M9. This Firmware 1.174 fixes a bug that led to the faulty behaviour. Generally Leica recommends to use SD / SDHC Cards from San Disk. Until further notice, the following SD-Cards are still not recommended to use, because some misbehaviour occurred in the test phasis:

  • San Disk Extreme Pro SDHC I UHS-1 (all card sizes)
  • San Disk Extreme HD Video SDHC I (all card sizes)