Leica Announces the New Leica M-S

Only a day after Leica announced the new Leica M-P camera, comes word of another variant available - the Leica M-S! As you probably know, the "P" stands for Professional. This new variant, carrying the "S" designation - stands for Screw. We're told the cost would be slightly higher than the standard M-P version upon which it's based by $500 USD, because the screw is made from a special titanium that's hand-polished for no less than a full half hour by trained technicians in Wetzlar, Germany.

Rumor has it, a special, limited edition version in brass will be available at some point in the near future, perhaps to be announced at Photokina? No word on price yet - but we'll keep you posted! Here's a leaked photo:

There may even be another version, so we're told... :)