24 Hours to Berlin Leica Event!

In just 24 hours from now (at 18:45 local time, 12:45 EDT) the big Leica event, "Das Wesentliche" will begin!

Looks like we're going to find out a few of the things Leica has in store for us in 2012... Our sources suggest that M system related products will include a monochrome M camera and the long-expected Summicron-M 50mm f/2 ASPH lens. Stay tuned tomorrow and we'll bring you the full details as the event unfolds.


Even thought I don't own a Leica body my recent interest in the Leica brand has me excited to hear what news they may have tomorrow. I do have a Leica lens mounted on my GXR and I just received a mint (used) Leica Billingham Combo bag to carry my GXR kit. Its a small start but slowly trying to gain access to the club.