Leica Lens Shootout on Sony A7/A7R

We don't really want to get caught up in the Sony A7/A7R frenzy, but be that as it may - a lot of Leica shooters might be looking at them keenly. Some are even suggesting they are Leica's nightmare (to which we don't subscribe). Ron Scheffler has given us a Sony a7 torture test with Leica, Zeiss, Voigtlander rangefinder lenses - long and short of it - you can forget the A7.

...I’m hoping these lenses will fare better on the a7R. Results on the a7 are for the most part disappointing. All I can surmise at the moment is that the toppings on the a7′s sensor work against achieving optimal (or in some cases, good enough) results with the rangefinder lenses I had available for this test.

A big part of it can be explained with the following diagram; the A7 is on the left, the A7R on the right. You'll notice that Sony employed a trick that Leica has long been familiar with - offset microlenses. Leica employed these as far back as the original M8 (circa 2006). Other advantages of the A7R include the gapless design of the microlenses, the lack of an AA filter and the greater resolution (36MP vs. 24MP).

Mike Evans takes a deep look at these cameras as well in his article, Leica lenses on Sony's A7s: The big controversy.