Leica Q2 FW Bug Writing Unreadable DNG Files

Leica Camera's relatively new (announced on March 7, 2019) Leica Q2 camera apparently has a firmware bug that's writing unreadable DNG files, according to photographer Josh Byers (and others). Images captured in the"continuous super speed" drive mode (capturing images at up to 20fps) report an error on importing, while other images shot in different drive modes imported without problem.

Byers adds:

I tried to import in Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One, Adobe DNG Converter and all did the same thing. They recognized the first images but did not recognize the ones shot in this “continuous super speed” mode. I’m stuck now not being able to process images from the event.

Despite not being recognized by those programs, Byers noted that the files were viewable using the macOS Preview app, but they weren’t being recognized anywhere else. Check out DPReview and Petapixel for additional coverage.

Until Leica issues a firmware upgrade, it is advised that users avoid using the “continuous super speed” mode.

Update (08/02/19):

Leica Camera has released firmware v1.1 that fixes this issue, among a few others:

Firmware Update 1.1
DNG files recording DNG files recorded in ‘Continuous Super Speed’ mode are now readable in Adobe products.
Burst Shooting Mode + attached flash In 'Burst Shooting Mode' (H/M/L) the attached flash is now triggered more than once (depending on the power of the flash).
Download of images via Leica FOTOS Stabilized image download via Leica FOTOS in combination with ‘Remote-Wake up’ as well as display of aperture values after wake up.
Interval shooting in Drive Mode In ‘JPG´s only’ setting now images can be taken with 1s ‘Interval' continuously without losing frames. Also the performance with 'DNG + JPG' has been improved.
PLEASE NOTE: Due to general SD-card writing time please use an interval time of longer than 2 sec. in order to secure that all images (DNG + JPG) will be saved.

You can download the firmware directly as well as check out the installation instructions (PDF).