Latest Leica S/S2 Firmware Released

The latest firmware update for the Leica S (Type 006) - v2.4.1.0 - is now available for download. The latest Leica S2 firmware remains at v1.4.0.0 and can be found here. This is mostly an update to the substantial v2.4.0.0 firmware announced in August.

The changes for this release include:

  • Bug Fix FW2.4.0.0
  • AF Performance: completely new developed AF algorithms and AF drive control for extensive improvements in terms of focus speed, responsiveness, smoothness and precision.
  • Predictive AF: improved predictive object tracking in AF Continuous Mode
  • Improved GPS precision: Global Positioning System coordinates will only be stored in image data if last signal update is not older than 5 minutes, instead of 24h like former firmware.
  • Support of the new Leica S-lens:
    Leica Summicron-S 1:2/100mm ASPH. (order no. 11056)
  • Support of the new lens firmware (all S-lenses)