Leica T Firmware v1.5 Announced

Leica Camera released firmware update v1.5 for the Leica T (Type 701) camera. You can download it here along with the instructions and manual.

These are relatively minor updates to the more critical firmware v1.4 and subsequent firmware v1.43 fixes.

The improvements include:

  • WiFi DIRECT Mode: The camera can create a WiFi Access Point (AP) and by that enables smart devices to connect to the camera directly.
  • WiFi connection: Automatic reconnection to known networks is enhanced in terms of reliability and speed.

Bug Fixes:

  • WiFi connection hang up solved.

Press Release

Leica Camera Announces Firmware Update for the Leica T

New Update Enables Users to Set Up Their Own Wireless Camera Hotspot and More

February 4, 2016 – Leica Camera today announces new firmware update version 1.5 for the Leica T, which includes new improvements to the connection, speed and functionality of the Leica T’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Wi-Fi DIRECT, a new function in firmware version 1.5, enables Leica T users to set up their own mobile hotspot and transfer pictures via a wireless link between the camera and the Leica T mobile app. With the new firmware, the wireless connection to known networks will reconnect faster and more reliably.

The free Leica T app for iOS devices is available from the Apple App Store and allows remote control of the Leica T with the Live View function and remote setting of all relevant exposure parameters, such as focusing, ISO value, aperture, shutter speed, exposure compensation and capture mode. The app also enables users to create photo albums on smart devices and conveniently share their pictures. For non-iOS devices, the Web Gallery function can be used to wirelessly view images on the Leica T and download them through a web browser.

To access the version 1.5 update, users can download the new firmware and installation instructions from the “Downloads” section of the Leica T product page at https://us.leica-camera.com. Leica users can also take their camera to a Leica Store and take advantage of the free update installation service.

For more information about the Leica T Firmware Update 1.5 or Leica visit www.leica-camera.com, or follow the brand Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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