Caution - Leica Q EVF Easily Scratched

We've come across a report from a user that shoots his new Leica Q (Type 116) while wearing eyeglasses... And unfortunately, this is not a happy report. It would seem that the multi-coated EVF can be easily scratched. What you see above (larger image) is the result of only two and a half days of shooting! These are actual marks in the coating and not just smudges that can be cleaned - likely caused by the metal bridge of the eyeglasses. So far, this is the only incident that we're aware of - but we wanted to give you a heads-up before it happens to your Q!

Update (06/26/15):

An update on this story... We've now gotten a second report of this happening. Furthermore, Leica customer service says that the glass itself cannot simply be replaced; the entire EVF unit must be swapped out. Ouch! If you're thinking of polishing the marks away (which you can) be forewarned that it will also remove the multi-coating.

Another issue that has popped up is the (internal) rear LCD fracturing. The (external) cover glass does not necessarily have to show any damage, and can be seen only when the camera is turned on:

Leica Q (Type 116) EVF/LCD scratched/broken/fractured

Perhaps Leica should have included a pair of white gloves with the Q...

The alarming thing is, statistically speaking, there aren't that many Leica Q cameras out there yet - nor have they been out very long.

Update (06/26/15):

Some more updates on the Leica Q issues. The original user of the Q with the scratched EVF has gotten the dealer to replace the camera; but with availability delays being what they are - it might take a little while. The issue will be brought up with Leica Camera in Germany, but we suspect they're well aware of it by now.

Also, yet another issue to note. It seems that the LCD/cover glass isn't glued on very well or just loose on several cameras so far. If you press one or more of the four corners, you might hear a slight clicking noise and/or see it move.