Caution - Leica Q EVF Easily Scratched

We've come across a report from a user that shoots his new Leica Q (Type 116) while wearing eyeglasses... And unfortunately, this is not a happy report. It would seem that the multi-coated EVF can be easily scratched. What you see above (larger image) is the result of only two and a half days of shooting! These are actual marks in the coating and not just smudges that can be cleaned - likely caused by the metal bridge of the eyeglasses. So far, this is the only incident that we're aware of - but we wanted to give you a heads-up before it happens to your Q!

The Overgaard Workshop Flim-Flam

At the risk of being labelled a "suppressive person" we bring you this important PSA. What do photography, or Leica for that matter - have to do with Scientology? Absolutely nothing, unless you consider all the Hollywood celebrities involved with it, and that's because they're actively recruited for their A-list status, money and talent. Strange then, that these qualities are lacking in the true subject of this PSA... Thorsten "von" Overgaard and his workshops; a flim-flam operation at best. Read more below for the full scoop.

Know Your Rights as a Photographer

Know your rights as a photographer this election season! Produced in collaboration with the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida