Leica Teases an Upcoming Mini M

Leica Camera has a teaser on their website for a new "Mini M" camera - which will be announced on June 11th 2013. It appears to be a new category, placed between the current M and the X series, and has been rumored for some time now. It will supposedly be made in Germany and not be another rebranded Panasonic camera. But wait, there's more!

What's interesting is that Leica is now sorting all of their cameras into an "M" family of some sort. There's the M (M Monochrom, M-E and M Type 240, M7, MP and all other "M" cameras that we know and love), the upcoming Mini M (which will probably have a model number of its own as opposed to being simply called "Mini M")... But notice the X2 and D-LUX6 which are being called Micro M and Nano M, respectively. Clearly delineating the tiers a bit, but still a little odd. Stay tuned!



I'm guessing a interchangeable camera with an evf but no RF. Because Leica seems to be bitching more and more about the manufacturing difficulties and size issues related to the RF system.