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Voigtländer VC Speed Meter II Price Increase

Cosina Japan has announced a price increase for the Voigtländer VC Speed Meter II. As of July, 2015 the price will go up by ¥9,000 (~$70 USD). The current price is $225 USD (avilable in black or silver at B&H).

Wotancraft Thor Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atelier Thor (Urban Classic) review!

The Thor is the largest and most plush of the Urban Classic line; an upscale leather wonder able to haul 2-3 cameras and 2-5 lenses. Great for travel or just around town.

ONA Launches New Berlin II in Black

ONA has announced the new Berlin II in black! You may recall that we reviewed the original Berlin bag when it was introduced a little over a year ago. One of the things we had wished for, and many others apparently - was a version in black. Today, that wish is a reality! It is available now, for $399 USD. Read more below for details, video and photos!

Harry Benz La Cravate Review

Added today is the Harry Benz La Cravate review!

These water buffalo leather camera wrist straps will change the way you feel about using one. Simple, elegant and functional!

New Walter Leica Soft Release

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi and Walter M-Sleeve has today unleashed his newest creation, the Walter Soft Release! This is a unique one of a kind soft release, sculpted and engraved by hand into solid brass in honor of Dr. Ernst Leitz, the founder of Leica. Each item forms part of a limited edition, with a specific serial number and signed by the artist, Walter, himself. Soft releases are only made on order and are $240 USD. This is a must for the serious Leica Collector.


Wotancraft Raven Review

Added today is the Wotancraft Atelier Raven (Urban Classic) review!

The Raven is the smallest of the Urban Classic line and perfect for those wanted to travel light! Able to hold a camera and two lenses, this lovely bag is made of fine leather that will look great anywhere.

Read more below on how to receive 15% off!