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ONA Announces Prince Street and Berlin II Bags

One of our favorite bag companies, ONA - has announced their latest wares. The Prince Street in waxed canvas ($269 USD) and leather ($389 USD), as well as a re-release of The Berlin bag that we reviewed (and immensely popular) - called The Berlin II ($389 USD)!


Leica Introduces Ball Head and SD Wallet

Leica Camera AG has introduced a couple of new accessories, proud to be "Made in Germany." The first is the Leica Ball Head 18, which will be available in two sizes - each available in either a black or silver finish. They are geared towards use with M, T and X system cameras. It can be used with the recently announced Travel Tripod (and Ballheads) or Table Tripod. The second accessory is a leather credit card holder, which will be available in black and cognac colors. All jokes aside about letting Leica hold onto your credit cards - it includes an SD card holder that can be slipped inside, allowing for the storage of three SD cards. These accessories will be available as of August 2014 and cost € 210 ($282 USD) for any of the Ball Head 18 variations and € 39 ($52 USD) for the credit card holder. No word on what will become of the existing Large Ball Head. Read more below for the details!

New Walter Contrast Lens

Exclusive news from La Vida Leica! Walter Pretorius - the man behind the Walter Eyepiece, Walter M-Stedi, Walter M-Sleeve, Walter Nut Cracker and the Walter Leica Roll Bar has today unleashed his newest creation - the Walter Contrast Lens! Read more below for full details!

Funny how "exclusive news" means nothing when other websites shamelessly steal your thunder, reposting it without credit... Like Steve Huff and Petapixel. So if you're wondering... They all read it here first.

Unique Leather Leica Keychains

Leica isn't just a camera, it's a lifestyle... So we're always on the lookout for cool stuff. Check out this unique leather Leica keychain which is made in Japan by Shiego Tanaka. They are organically tanned from the finest genuine leather, and use eco-friendly materials and non-toxic stains. They measure H27 x W45 x D25mm and weigh 15g. The ring is 25mm in diameter. Available for $18.99 USD with free shipping!


Wooden Protective Cases for Leica T

Made in the Netherlands of natural wood, are new cases from Miniot! Each case is carved out of a single block of wood and no two are alike. You can opt for engraving a message or logo if you'd like. Available starting July, you can see samples at the Leica Pop-Up Store, Eerste Boomdwarsstraat 10, Amsterdam! Read more below for full details.

Pre-Order Recent Wetzlar Announcements!

If you missed the recent event in Wetzlar for the opening of the new Leitz Park, fear not! You can now pre-order some of the goodies announced... First up, is the Leica M Edition 100. For a cool $55,000 USD it can be yours. Secondly, is the Valbray EL1 Chrono. Available at a much more "affordable" $24,500 USD (comes in black and silver). Of course, for mere mortals, there's the M Monochrom in Silver (for $7,950 USD). Read more below for additional images!