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Introduction to Light Meters Article

In keeping with the spirit of Lucky Film Friday we've added a new article today, Introduction to Light Meters!

Guest writer Ray Larose gives us a great introduction to light meters, from a smartphone app to analog and digital handheld models - giving pros and cons to each and things to consider!

New and Cancelled Leica Accessories

Leica Camera AG has announced the issuance of commemorative accessories for the Leica M system cameras: the soft shutter button and memory card of 32GB. The boutiques and shops of Leica worldwide received 1000 of these items. A nice detail of the soft shutter button is that it can also be used as an icon on clothes. The company also announced that the Leica C-SNAP cases for Leica C cameras will not be shipped due to manufacturing defects. Customers are urged to please cancel their orders - they apologize for the inconvenience. Read more below for additional images!

Apple iWatch and the Leica Connection

"What will inspire Apple's round iWatch design?" asks Pocket-lint. There's some suggestion that it'll be influenced by Leica. It's no secret how Jonathan Ive collaborated with Marc Newson for Leica on the design of the now famous (RED) Leica M that sold for $1.6M USD at auction. Surely the iWatch will be cheaper than the recently launched Valbray - selling for a cool $25k USD. Ive is also very keen on the simplicity of design - in fact, in an interview he says:

"[The Leica] communicates so quickly and immediately that it is a camera. It's almost like a camera, distilled," Ive said, clarifying that he got rid of any design element that he didn't want to be there, because they were a distraction. "Now that alone doesn't mean it will be simple. But it's part of the process to be left alone with something that's so camera-y."

ONA Announces the "The Berlin II"

You may recall when we announced ONA's "The Berlin" bag and review back in mid-March earlier this year. The bag was very popular and sold out pretty much immediately. It was intended as a limited edition bag, and our glowing review of The Berlin by ONA might explain why... It's very nice! Due to the strong demand, ONA has announced the Berlin II bag. The only difference is that the shoulder strap is missing a red rivet as found on the original... It will be available in the early fall of 2014 for $389 USD.


Novoflex LEM/VIS II Adapter Set Shipping

The new Novoflex LEM/VIS II adapter set for Leica M (Type 240 is now available in the U.S.A. B&H has it listed for $380 USD and ships in 7-14 business days. The LEM/VIS II is both an adapter and extension tube set in one: it allows using Visoflex specific lenses on the Leica M without the reflex housing (focusing up to infinity) and can also be used for macro photography. By combining the extensions (3 inner rings, 10mm each) you can achieve magnifications between 0.28:1 – 0.84:1.

New Titanium Soft Releases

The new "Komaru titanium soft release" was announced by French company Taos Photographic (importer of Match Technical Service and Tom Abrahamsson soft releases). They sell for €58,90 ($81 USD each. Read more below for details.