Photographic accessories, tools and other related gadgets.

Leica Announces Tripod & Video Heads

Today at Photokina 2014, Leica introduced several new "wildlife and nature observation" accessories - namely the Leica Tripod C-170 and Video Heads VH1 and VH2. The tripod is lightweight and composed of magnesium and carbon. The Video Head VH1 is the smaller of the two and is particularly light; intended mainly for a spotting scope or binoculars. The heavier duty VH2 model is geared more for digiscoping and photography with larger lenses. Read more below for details!

Leica Announces Several System Case Options

Leica today at Photokina 2014 has announced numerous new system cases (bags) from three different manufacturers. They include Artisan & Artist, Aneas of France and Schedoni of Italy. Read more below for details!

Lumu Light Meter Review

Added today is a review of the Lumu Light Meter!

A tiny, well-designed piece of hardware and accessories for your smartphone, along with three software apps that turn it into an accurate, full function incident light reading meter!

Leica Lens Bracelets

Fancy some Leica bling in the form of a lens bracelet? The site Lens Bracelet ( can help you out! They currently have a version of the Summicron-M 50mm f/2 and Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm f/4 lenses. They're made of 100% silicone rubber with authentic looking yellow/white impressions of the actual lens markings, complete with grip ridges - and sell for $15 USD each! Read more below for additional photos!

Leica - Lifestyle Brand and Fashionista?

As the fall fashion season ramps up, for the third time now - Leica was referenced by an online fashion magazine and a fourth time, mentioned in the context of fashion. Photographers are shooting footwear with thelr Leicas via BallerStatus, a San Francisco satellite of Racked reports on the new Leica Store San Francisco, Harper's BAZAAR talks about Lenny Kravitz and his Monochrom and now - The Nation writes of Leica as a lifestyle brand. In the very last sentence is an interesting snippet... Read more below!

Leica Adds T-Strap Lug Kit Accessory

One of the things we bemoaned in our recent Hands-on Review of the Leica T (Type 701), as others have as well - was the fact that the Leica Carrying Strap was your only option with the T. You were severely limited to a choice of essentially ONE strap, albeit in four color options - and at a cost of $79 USD. It would appear that Leica has listened - and now carries the Leica T-Strap Lug Kit for $48 USD! It's made by Match Technical, maker of fine soft releases and Thumbs-up (which we reviewed). An expensive accessory just to use a third-party strap... But it's better than nothing! Read more below for sources and additional photos!