Leica Camera to Build Leitz Park III

The construction is due to begin in early 2016 for Leitz Park III - an expansion of the new Leica Camera AG headquarters known as Leitz Park (II). The €50M project will see four buildings created on an adjacent site. One building will be a "four-star plus" hotel called "Ernst-Leitz-Hotel" with 120 beds, another will be "Leica World" which will contain a museum, the archive, the Leica Academy and one of the world's few outlet stores, a third will contain a lecture hall for the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) and finally, the new HQ of CW Sonderoptic will make up the fourth building. Parking will be available on the grounds and underneath Leica World. Leica Camera AG and ACM are hoping to fill beds by the end of 2017. There's already talk of Leitz Park IV. Some additional details over on the Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung site under "Hotel complements the Leitz Park" (in German).

Translated into English (via Google):

WETZLAR For the Leitz Park again after the inauguration of the Leica Camera Management Large planned. On the grounds of the former depot of the city created a hotel, a lecture hall and a new property for CW special optics and "Leica World".

The plans outlined yesterday afternoon Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Board of Leica Camera AG, also Managing Director of ACM project development company and the man whose visions - and financial power - led to the world admired Leitz Park.

According to information provided to this newspaper for the project "Leitz-Park III" with a total of four buildings around EUR 50 million will be issued.

  • In parallel with the main road, a four-star plus hotel is pulled up with 120 beds. Should stay in the "Ernst-Leitz-Hotel" business customers as well as tourist guests, also from China and Japan, provide a higher standard of amenities and services.

    "The demand," says Kaufmann, "is given." A renowned operator was on board.

  • Places great hopes in the future Kaufmann "Leica World". Here, the museum, the archive, the Leica Academy and one of the world's few outlet stores find their place.

  • The Technical University of Central Hesse (THM) will be represented in the Leitz Park III with a lecture hall. There then is also the Chair of optical technologies.

    "The auditorium," says Kaufmann, "can be used in lecture-free times of the company CW Sonderoptic as cinema for film screenings."

  • CW Sonderoptic which develops high-quality lenses for the movie industry, is currently housed in the building of successfully operating, also based at Leitz-Park company VIAOPTIC and receives its own house.

    There you will in future also the offices of the Leitz-Park GmbH are as well a project that Kaufmann called "mechanical workshops".

Parking arise on the grounds and in the parking garage under the "Leica World".

The function as a link between the new area and the existing Leitz-Park accepts the Leitz-Café.

For Kaufmann, the whole complex should get at the southern entrance of Wetzlar the character of a place, as we know it from the northern Italian cities: handsome buildings with different functions.

Investor Andreas Kaufmann goes from the start of construction in the spring of 2016

Even if - as in the Leica main building - the architectural firm Gruber and Kleine-Kraneburg takes over the design, the hotel and the rest of the building will receive its own architectural character each.

Yet there is in many details need for coordination, with the city of Wetzlar, said Kaufmann. But He believes that the plans to be submitted by the end of the year in the administration. In spring 2016, the investor, it could then go. Priority have the lecture hall. Maybe could take place in the winter semester of 2017, the first lectures. That was, however, Kaufmann admitted, a very sporty setting for planners and construction companies.

Also, the hotel should be implemented as quickly as possible. "Here, when the first guests to check in the end of 2017, that would be very nice." In the reaction he put on intensive planning and the intelligent use of precast concrete products.

At the end of the presentation Andreas Kaufmann looked even a little surprised back on the past 13 years old. With the purchase of some shares of the company Uwe Weller Feinwerktechnik 2002 was by no means clear that it would grow the Leitz Park.

And: The Visions of a merchant not to end with the now featured project. "If hotel and auditorium are, CW Sonderoptic and Leica world have moved, then we begin planning for the Leitz Park IV."