Leica to Launch Photography Cloud Service

French website 01net.com reports in "Leica setting scalable appliances and cloud for photographers" (French) (in English) that Leica is reportedly working on a cloud storage solution for photographers and will be officially unveiled at Photokina:

A cloud for photographers

Another area of ​​innovation which the company thinks about is the photos themselves, i.e. the files. "I’m sure you all here have memory cards, hard drives, online backups Dropbox type, and more. But for now it seems to us that all these services are not adapted to the very specific needs of photographers." To say that Leica will launch cloud services, there is a step that Mr. Kaufmann does not cross : "One thing is for sure, we will not enter this field without a partner. We are a small business and this is not our core business. But we think about it and we'll tell you more at Photokina."