Anniversary of Eddie Adams Saigon Shot

46 years ago today, on February 1, 1968 - General Nguyen Ngoc Loan fired a pistol at Nguyen Van Lam's head early on in the "Tet Offensive." Lam was a member of the National Liberation Front, also known as the VC (for Viet Cong). Loan executed Lam on a street in Saigon and that moment was forever frozen at 1/500s when Eddie Adams made his shot (seen above). Adams was covering the Vietnam War for the Associated Press and that image won the Pulitzer Prize and World Press Photo. From a previous interview we know that Adams used a 35mm lens (likely on his Leica M4) for the shot.

Eddie Adams with Cameras

Eddie Adams' Leica M4

Video (Interview)

Pulitzer prize 1968 commented by its photographer, Eddie Adams