"Salt of the Earth" by Wenders/Salgado

The German newspaper Westfälische Nachrichten reports on a collaborative Wim Wenders and Ribeiro Salgado (son of Sebastião Salgado) documentary film in a piece entitled, "The Salt of the Earth - the Power of Pictures" (in German).

More info over on Düsseldorf's RP Online in "Wim Wenders travels into the heart of darkness" (in German). You can get a translation into English (via Google) if you prefer.

Translated into English (via Google):

The life's work of a master of social photography is acknowledged at the heart of the impressive and successful documentary "The salt of the earth" by Wim Wenders and Juliano Ribeiro Salgado, son of Sebastião Salgado. The expressive, clear black and white photos of Salgado appeals to Wenders, who is himself a photographer and Leica fan. Therefore, the pictures speak for themselves.

They are presented to the viewer in a new way: from a darkened room they are displayed with the aid of a semi-transparent mirror and superimposed on the face of Salgado, who speaks out virtually from the images. A second dimension is achieved when Salgado accompanied his father on his recent travels and photos of trips by Wenders and Salgado senior will be selected.

Trailer, Photos and venues can be found here.

Salgado reported in the course of his life of focal points of the world, genocide in Rwanda, famine in the Sahel and of the drudgery in a Brazilian gold mine, where some of his most famous photos were taken. After an imposed as a result of the stress out Salgado photographed threatened landscapes, plants and animals and founded with his wife, the ecological Instituto Terra on the ranch of the family, where destroyed by deforestation Brazilian rain forest is replanted.

So coming to the chroniclers of misery the second life Salgados in transition. Good to the images that make them feel the strength they have cost Salgado, fit the ethnic rhythms with which some are highlighted. Interesting.