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Leica Intros New Travel Tripod and Ballheads

Leica is set to introduce a carbon fiber and aluminum Travel Tripod and two Ball Heads (24/38) with associated quick release disks, expanding its range of accessories. The products are "Made in Germany and are expected to round out the accessory offerings in the Leica stores. The travel tripod with (optional) Cordura nylon bag and the two ball heads are likely to be available from October 2013. Read more below for prices, additional images and full details!

Multifunctional Handgrip M Available

For those that have been waiting so patiently... We're receiving word that the Leica Multifunctional Handgriprip M for Leica M (Type 240) bodies are slowly becoming available at dealers. It's worth noting that it only comes in black and lists for $895 USD and adds these features to your camera...

Leica-Inspired Bike Build

If you're really into something (such as Leica cameras in this case), what can often happen is your passion spills over into other aspects of your life. A perfect example would be this custom Leica-inspired bike build for Leica shooter Hin of London. Built from Reynolds 953 tubing, the top and head tubes are a matte chrome, much like the body of the camera - complete with matte black paint to mimic the textured leatherette - with further highlights in Leica red. Parts include Royce, Thomson and custom bar tape and saddle. Quite a sweet looking ride - it definitely reminds one of a chrome M body! Read more below for additional pictures!


Artisan Obscura Soft Releases

Added today is our newest review of the Artisan Obscura Soft Releases!

New and unique to the market, a bewildering array of woods, patterns, sizes and shapes will ensure the wood lovers out there a classy accessory for their Leica.

New Mr. M Collection for Leica

From Japan comes Jay Tsujimora and his new Mr. M Collection of accessories... Nay, jewelry for Leica (or other) cameras. Currently he offers a hot shoe cover and soft release which are both crafted from sterling silver and inlaid in your choice of one of 15 colors of either natural leather, lizard, or diamond python skin. They're absolutely gorgeous. Read more below for the full details!


Novoflex LEM/LER Adapter Goes 6-Bit

While we're all waiting anxiously (last said to begin shipping mid-August) on the new Leica R-Adapter M (pictured above) there's another high-quality adapter available, the Novoflex LEM/LER Adapter. Unfortunately, while the quality was there and comparable to Leica's... Until recently, the downside was the lack of proper 6-bit coding. We've received reports that the latest versions are now shipping with improved, functioning 6-bit coding in place, which serves to bring up the R lens menu on the Leica M! Another bonus is the price, as the Novoflex adapter is $270 and available today - whereas Leica's is $310 - with no word on availability. Dust off those R lenses!