Mazen Saggar: Photojournalism to Fashion

The City (Khaleej) Times of the UAE writes, "Mazen Saggar: Photojournalist turned fashion photographer." Born in Baghdad in 1968, Mazen Saggar arrived in France when he was 10 years old. After studying photography at the school Claude Garamont in Colombes, he began working as a photojournalist. From 1990 onwards, he worked on a freelance basis for a range of major international magazines. In 1999, he left Paris and moved to Madagascar where, alongside local photographers, he established the first photographic agency in the country. Three years later when Mazen was back to Paris, he set up his own agency, Création Visuelle. At this point, he began his collaboration with the fashion house Louis Vuitton, covering events and fashion shows for the prestigious couture house. He is now the brand’s preferred photographer.

The approach of a photographer involves observation. Then I cultivate the art of discretion. At that moment I can start shooting. I never leave my Leica as it is small, discreet and silent. I work with all types of equipment, reflex 24x36 for fashion, medium format Hasselblad for studio and my Leica for reporting. The material is just a tool. The rest arises from the heart and from the head.