Leica In Top Ten German Luxury Brands

We've reported on Leica being among Germany's top luxury brands before - once in 2015 and before that in 2013 - both by Handelsblatt which is a German business news site. This time, we have a list compiled by German magazine Bunte in an article called "This is the Top Ten of Germany Luxury Brands" (in German).

In this list, Leica Camera made the number nine spot:

Number 9

Camera manufacturer Leica managed to capture 9th place, successful in the market by offering models with a retro look, but equipped with the latest technology.

Translated to English (via Google):

Luxury products are from Switzerland and France? Not at all! Also in Germany are some of the most exclusive brands in the world reside. Industry experts have now selected their top ten.

For luxury brands most probably come first designer labels like Chanel or watchmaker Rolex to mind. Both any German marks The Federal Republic has also so to offer some exquisite products -. Manufactured by traditional brands like Meissen (porcelain) or Leica (cameras).

A survey of 163 experts from the luxury range - from journalists to professionals from the trade - revealed now which brands from Germany really are among the best in the country. To select 86 companies whose headquarters are located in Germany, the easy to crack with their annual turnover, the 10-million mark and are positioned with their products unique in the luxury segment stood.

Number 10

10th place in the ranking is the State Porcelain Manufactory Meissen who can already look back on a 300-year history of fine craftsmanship. Meanwhile Meissen produced far more than cups and plates: Also jewelry and even fashion (Meissen Couture) belong to the repertoire.

Number 9

In 9th place has managed camera manufacturer Leica, the, the market is successful with models in retro look, but they are equipped with the latest technology.

Number 8

Directly behind on rank 8: watchmaker Chronoswiss which was only founded 1981st Despite the short company history, the watches from Munich have long been the premier league.

Number 7

In 7th place, there is a company that is perhaps less audiophile luxury fans not immediately a term that should however remember. It is T + A elektroakustik, a manufacturer of exclusive speakers and turntables.

Number 6

Also in German kitchens luxury is long drawn. One of the most coveted brands for hobs, refrigerators and other electronics is Gaggenau, comes from the Black Forest and has the sixth rank in the ranking.

Number 5

Even more luxurious are more than the kitchens of Bulthaup that stand for timeless design and equipment of the highest quality - that's enough for court.

Number 4

Even a company from Berlin has made ​​it into the Top Ten. Burmester, specialist in luxury amplifiers, speakers and other audio accessories, finished fourth.

Number 3

Bronze in terms of German luxury sports car maker goes to Porsche from Stuttgart (see picture). Among car fans the runabout that begin Rates from EUR 50,000 are (for a Porsche Boxter S), a cult.

Number 2

The silver medal for German luxury hits Glashütte Original, the watchmaker from Saxony. The history of the manufactory - as may be the way only Company name, where more is produced by hand - goes back to the year 1845th Today Glashütte Original belongs to the Swatch Group and provides each clock with a sequential four-digit number. That makes all the timepieces to luxury offs.

Number 1

The absolute luxury Leader also comes from Glashütte: the luxury watch manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne. One of the fine timepiece from the Saxon manufactory can cost up to two million euros. If that's not a luxury, then what?