Godspeed, Mr. Jobs

It is with great sadness that we mourn the loss of Steve Jobs. While perhaps not unexpected to many of the Apple faithful, it does not lessen the loss we feel.

He was indeed a visionary; he taught us that technology through design can be cool - freeing us from the vast sea of putty-colored mediocrity. He taught us that computers can be fun, useful and easy. He brought technology to everyone in a pretty package with a great user experience. Sometimes described as mercurial or arrogant, it was this same man whose drive for perfection made Apple a household name. Maybe everyone didn't agree with him or his style, but there's no denying that he changed technology and how it fits into our lives forever.

I didn't know the man, but at times it seemed he sure knew me. He was a part of my life since I got into computers, and that's coming up on 34 years now...

It was back in 1977 that I was first exposed to computers via the TRS-80, but it was the Apple ][ that really set the bar for me. I didn't become a Mac user until 2001, when OS X first came out - as I was a Unix guy at that point, having left PCs far behind already. I took a leap of faith, bought a Mac essentially sight-unseen with the new OS. It changed my life, as it has everyone's. Fast forward ten years to today where I have a house full of Apple products and not a day goes by where I don't use at least one (or four) of them.

Indeed, this site was created and is maintained with Apple computers. Nearly half of our visitors use a Macintosh, and slightly less so use Safari as their browser.

I'm not wearing black today - but Apple white. R.I.P. Steve. We'll miss you, man. 