Digital Ms Not Alone in Light Leaks

Those of us that shoot a digital Leica M with heavy neutral density filters (typically for landscape shots) with long exposures are keenly - and unfortunately - aware that there's a propensity for light to seep in around the lens mount. This has been a long-standing issue and is even worse when using certain older Zeiss ZM lenses, which have a screw hole located in just the right (wrong?) place. The unofficial fix is to use a hair scrunchy around the base of the lens... For the Zeiss ZMs, a dab of black silicone in the screw hole. Well, Leica is now in good company... Apparently the newest cameras from Sony (A7/A7R) and Fujifilm (X-T1) also have this issue! Here's the fix for Fuji. C'est la vie.