Berthold Socha Exhibition

In a region of Germany near and dear to our hearts, comes news from the Westfälische Nachrichten about the "Exhibition of Berthold Socha - Evocative photographs" (in German). Born in 1940, he's always had his eye out for unusual situations in the usual locations and has traveled the world with his Leica M6.

Translation into English:

Münster-Kinderhaus - The photographer Berthold Socha shows his exhibition "Seen - Fixated." 40 moody black-and-white photographs in the rooms of the Westfälischen Provinzial Versicherung.

With an ever-attentive eye Berthold Socha looked through the viewfinder and discovered unusual situations at the usual places . The artist, born in 1940, has always kept an eye for this special motif. With the analog Leica camera in hand, he has traveled the world.

However, his path always led him back to Münster, where he lives, works and has always had a great commitment to the Westfälischen cultural scene - whether as co-founder and former chairman of the Friedrich-Hundt company or as a member of the German Society for Photography .

"Berthold Socha is - like the County - firmly rooted in the region," said Helmut Rudolph Foundation of Culture at the opening of the exhibition." So we are particularly pleased to be able to exhibit his work here with us."

The exhibition runs until April 24, 2014 and is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm at the Direktionsgebäude (administrative building) at the Westfälischen Provinzial (Provinzial-Allee 1, 48159 Münster). From May 9 until June 27, 2014 you can see his work in the rooms of the Provinzial Nord Brandkasse in Kiel.