Sample Photo, High ISO

A hoax. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.

Turns out, Gianluca (janlu) posted a 5D Mark II photo as a Leica M photo.

Original story: User "janlu" posted the first sample photo we've seen from the new M (at a decent size anyway) which illustrates something we're all probably wondering - the maximum ISO of 6,400. It was shot using the Summicron-M 28mm ASPH, 1/80s @ f/2, using AWB - JPEG directly from converted DNG without post-processing.



Well, it certainly looks promising, although we really need to see a lot more. What has surprised me this morning is the Overgaard interview with Stefan Daniel, Leica still very vague about certain aspects of the M design and performance, phrases like "more testing needs to be done" just make you a little nervous about jumping in to this too soon. Cheers Jason

What I suspect is that Leica will decide to go with a truly usable 6400. Most cameras include 12800 and 25600 settings that are mostly suitable for B&W web sized photos or artistic shots where noise can be desirable.

Having a Canon 5DIII with a fast lens I can say that I rarely use anything beyond c. 4000. I just hope the "lower" ISO (up to 1600) will have no compromise and be clean in shadow areas.